5 minute Bible study

Welcome to the 5 minute Bible study.


On this site you will find a collection of mp3 files containing 5 minute studies

that will lead you through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Each file is

approximately 5 minutes long, and there are 460 of them in total. If you listen to

one every day, after just over a year you will have studied every book in the Bible.


These studies were originally prepared and broadcast in French and have been

appreciated by many people over the years. Conditions have made it

impossible to broadcast the English series at the moment, so they are

being made available here for the first time.


The author is Diana Dalcher, who is a member of

Lausanne Free Church in Switzerland.


The main Bible versions used to prepare these studies were the New King James

version and the New International Version, but another version could also

be used to follow the studies.


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